A Portfolio
By Sam Farrington

A trans-canadian canoe adventure complete with photos and lots of reflection on exploration and memory. Link

Fall 2002

* Chose your own adventure at Umass
* Laser Fishing (this is a silly game)
* Super Crossword - download

Spring 2004
{photos} 1999-2003
He is a computer science student at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with an interest in interface design and online learning. This is some of his more sucessful online work from the past five or so years. Also, soon I will need a job.

A module for an online macroeconomics course. Uses Action Script 2.0 with an XML datafile.

Spring 2005

Updated Site (may be out of date)

Sometimes life is just hard. Fall 2002

A yellow page Fall 2002
An experiment in design with 36 of your favorite buildings and monuments.

Fall 2005

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